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Zalău’s New Center

Dealing with problems such as fragmented public spaces, disrupted cycle routes and inefficient road infrastructure, Zalau’s city center is subject to a new masterplan.

The proposal follows 3 main principles:

Boundary activation process. The boundary becomes the main focus of transformation. Some areas will extend by dissolving existing boundaries, others will be restructured by marking new boundaries.

Sense of place. When using the space (perceived both by its shape and materials) the individual will feel comfortable and belonging to his space. The skater will easily find the ramps and bumps he needs for his ride, the parent and the child will find the protection needed to play safely, elders will find the chairs for their rest along the way.

Sustainable public space. The intervention is based on non-invasive methods and ecological materials and technologies. For example, the marble tiles will be reused for the new pavement design or public lighting will be available thanks to photo-voltaic panels.

Last but not least, the masterplan goes hand in hand with the vision. In 2017, Zalau Porolissum – Roman Festival will keep the community in a four days running celebration. Locals and visitors are invited to take part and embrace the strong roman history. During the festival, special parades will be popping up on the newly designed public space from the Marble Plateau (- Platoul de Marmura) along the pedestrian street ( – Pietonalul Unirii ) finishing in the Iuliu Maniu Square ( – Piata Iuliu Maniu). During four days and nights, people will experience gladiators parades and wrestlings, medieval dance performances, crafts and gastronomic feasts.


Client: Municipality of Zalau

Date, location: 2013, Zalau, Salaj, RO

Type, program: International competition

Size: L / 3 ha

Team: Wolfhouse Productions + Getrix