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Waterfront on the Danube

Mahmudia is a small settlement at the edge of the Danube Delta. In addition to a picturesque atmosphere, its location and accessibility provides a great potential for developing into a main gateway to the Delta. In order to fullfil this potential, Mahmudia first needs to develop its public infrastructure.

To this end, we have been commissioned by the local administration to design their waterfront, as an attractive, socially inclusive public space.

Currently, the site is an unorganized, physically degraded waterfront. It is both unable to serve the needs of the locals and tourists alike. The new waterfront project is focused on addressing these needs through an iconic public space that could also act as a rebranding tool for Mahmudia. The proposed design is an ensemble of three main areas: The Mineral Park (emphasizing the site’s spectacular and unexpected rocky landscape), The Communal Waterfront (essentially Mahmudia’s new town center and beating social heart) andThe Public Garden (an intimate, multi-senzorial landscape, showcasing some of the Delta’s unique flora).



Client: Mahmudia Town Hall

Beneficiary: Mahmudia local community

Year, location: 2019, Mahmudia, Tulcea, RO

Type, program: Urban design, public space, waterfront

Size: M / 8200 sqm

Investment: €3.7 million

Status: Feasibility Study


Team: Iulian Canov, Marius Vasile, Vlad Stoica, Tamina Lolev

Collaboratos: Rhizome SRL (accessibility & inclusive design), Cresc Studio SRL (landscape design), Confect Taban SRL (structural engineering),

Eco Design Living SRL (MEP engineering), Hydro Proiect SRL (hydrotechnical engineering).