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Vision for the Former Cotton Factory

The vision project created for the Cotton Industry talks about pace by pace cluttering of a creative industry center, as Bucharest needs. “Step by step” is a very important rhythm in our vision, so that the target community can advance and undertake urban development. Visible, dynamic organizations – such as Nod makerspace – are the engines of this vision that attracts and inspires other creative groups to participate in the effort to transform the former factory into the center for the creative industry, as shown in the picture below.



Beneficiary: Bucharest’s Creative Industries, Timpuri
Noi neighbourhood
Date, location: 2016, Bucharest
Size: L / 2.1 ha
Team: Iulian Canov, Tamina Lolev, Vlad Stoica,
Cristina Zlota
Illustration: Bruno Pint da Cruz


Vision for Industria Bumbacului – Nomination at the National Annual of Architecture Bucharest for ”Cercetări și viziuni de arhitectură, intervenții și experimente de arhitectură”, 2017


Cum a fost transformata o cladire industriala intr-un loc de joaca pentru designeri, inventatori si antreprenori, IQads, 2016