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The New City Council in Cluj

The new County Council, located on the East-West axis of the city, in a dynamic urban area, but with a (still) unclear identity, has the opportunity to launch and catalyze an urban process whose stake consists not only in the growth of the built environment and urban mobility, but above all in shaping a development vision for Mărăști Square. The vision for the central public space in one of the city’s largest neighborhoods illustrates an inclusive, attractive and multifaceted urban room, a civil space – A civic center in contemporary sense. 

In-extenso, the debate is about the values, the principles and the role that the County Councils could fulfill as a fundamental institution for Romania’s development. How would the County Council function as an institution with a strong civic, 21st century valence. How would it fulfill its vocation as a good connector, permeable, transparent, performant and a catalyst for development, not only at the territorial, county level, but also here, in the neighborhood, in Marasti?


Client: Cluj City Council, Romania

Year, location: 2019, Cluj, RO

Type, program: architectural competition

Team: arh. Marius Vasile, urb. Iulian Canov, arh. Vlad Stoica, arh. Tamina Lolev, vizual artist Stefan Hutanu, stud. Nicolas Passemier Trevaux

Consultants: peisagist Katerina Georgescu, ing. Tiberiu Catalina, ing. Alexandru Radu

Prize: shortlisted