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Răsuri Street – House for a Young Family

A commission was received to deliver a concept for the interior design of a house in one of the many old Jewish-Armenian low-rise districts of Bucharest. The young couple wanted a light-filled spacious design to complement their contemporary life-style and a future child, thus the architectural plan was changed so as to accommodate this scenario. Acnowledging the late-post-modern style of the building built in the early 90s, we employed symmetry, basic shapes and added a new suspended volume that traverses between two adjacent rooms as a kid’s house. To complement the language and understated noblesse of the house we chose to use warm materials as chevron wood floors, plywood and splashes of sapphire Blue to accentuate certain spaces.


Client: private

Date, location: 2018, Bucharest, RO

Type, program: Interior design, Home design

Surface: 150 sqm

Investment: Undisclosed

Team: Vlad Stoica, Marius Vasile

Status: Built