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Museum 3017

Museum 3017 is a museal experiment from the future where visitors find out how Bucharest residents live today.

In the year 3017, a mysterious “time capsule” is found: photographs, interviews with Bucharest people, objects, data, plans, all the results of an anthropological research on Bucharest living typologies.

The curators from 3017 discover and publish with this exhibition not only the results of the research, but also some strange concepts that they try to explore: HOUSING, HOME, MUSEUM.
Muzeu3017, Bucharest people and their homes at the beginning of the 21st century, offers us the opportunity to safely leave the familiar so that we can look at ourselves with the eyes of another and try to look at the
other with his own eyes.


Client: Rețeaua Națională a  uzeelor din România
Date, location: 2017, Bucharest, RO
Size: 150 sqm

Investment:  €20.000

Curators: Simina Bădică, Iris Șerban
Team: Vlad Stoica, Tamina Lolev

Type, program: Exhibition design
Size: M / 180mp



  • People from the Future Learn How People from Bucharest Used to Live in the Present,  Ionuț Dulămiță, Scena 9, 2017

  • Experiment muzeal – Muzeu 3017, Agerpres.ro, 2017

  • Șapte tipuri de a locui în București, Digi24.ro, 2017