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Exhibition Design (National Museum of Art)

The National Art Museum of Romania has created the ART-Touch project in order to provide multi-sensory experiences in the museum tour. The project is aimed particularly at visually impaired and hearing impaired people, allowing participants to explore different works in the European Art Gallery.

We joined the project as designers with the goal of creating the exhibition furniture for the multi-sensory materials: the multimedia and augmented reality applications, the tactile replicas of bas-relief, the textile samples, a “sound library” and an “olfactory library” to make accessible the works of famous artists and stories beyond the picture. The works accessible through digital technology are representative for the museum collections. Each work of art is approached from a new perspective and allows connections with other works in the museum’s collection.


Client: Romanian National Art Museum

Date, location: 2014, Bucharest, RO

Program: Furniture design, interior design

Outcome:  Built

Size: XS / 25sqm

Team: Arch. Tamina Lolev, Urb. Iulian Canov + builder Cristian Lolev