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The Community Hub “La Firul Ierbii”

La Firul Ierbii functions as a connection instrument between the dynamic creative community (that drives this process) and the local neighbourhood. The audience: neighbours, NGOs and civic activists, events focused on social innovation, inclusive design, arts, community debates, performances and workshops.

The community center is designed around the concepts of transparency towards the street, maximum flexibility of all the spaces and pieces of furniture, and also adaptation of the interior for all categories of users. Working on a very tight budget, we used a minimum of means, this resulting in ingenious technical solutions and strategies of utilizing all the conditions in the space and outside of it so as to achieve our ends.


Client: Self-generated project
Date, location: 2016, Bucharest, RO
Type, program: Interior design, Community center
Size: M / 230 sqm
Team: Wolfhouse Productions + AMAis
Outcome: Completed

Photography: Marius Vasile, Radu Malașincu