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Ghimbav Masterplan

Following the analysis of the main urban indicators, our team diagnosed the Brasov metropolitan area and Ghimbav’s position, with strong points, weaknesses, opportunities and vulnerabilities. The following steps were: creating a sustainable city development strategy with a focus on priorities, formulating a vision and a concept for city development appropriate to the conclusions of the previous stages.

The concept for the spatial development was designed in relation to the main attractors and their evolution in time: intensifying economic and social exchanges with Codlea and Brașov, while connecting the airport and the innovation hub with the existing city.

The objectives when designing the urban planning concept were: Mobility and accessibility at a metropolitan level, increasing life quality, a balanced development of production and services, a connected, open and participative administrative system, sustainability for the pilot-projects, therefore for the whole development.

The last step of the strategy is the description of a series of  pilot projects for the city in order to facilitate and strengthen the development in the direction of the stated vision.


Client: Municipality of Ghimbav

Year, location:  2017, Ghimbav, Ro

Type, program: International urban planning competition

Outcome: 3rd Prize

Size: XXL / 2500 ha

Team: Wolfhouse Productions + urb. Cristina Pavelescu



Second Prize – Competition for the Spatial Development in Ghimbav