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Day Center in Berceni

We all know that the environment in which children are formed is very important for their psychological and emotional development because it leaves a strong footprint on them. In Romania, the spaces for education are not adequate. Moreover, the educational spaces in disadvantaged environments do not stimulate, attract, and in some cases they are quite reluctant.

We joined the pilot project “Creative Spaces for Education” at the “Me and My Friends” Day Center as the main design team in 2015 and in 2018 it is complete.

The way the day center activities are arranged allows multiple easy uses of most objects and space adaptation as needed by the educational activities taking place at different times. The furniture can be easily moved and reconfigured by children and teachers, the materials used are shock-resistant and scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

The transformation of the center was a success due to a close collaboration with artists, designers, architects and culture people involved in education.


Client: Matka

Date: 2018, Berceni, Bucharest, RO

Type, program: Educational space

Size: S / 240 sqm

Team: Wolfhouse Productions + Matka + Nod Makerspace

Photography: Marius Vasile