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Cartier Hub

The design concept is based on simple principles according to the values promoted by the whole brand “Drumul Taberelor”: the community hub is an open scene for interaction and creativity. The main beneficiary of this space is the local community: the inhabitants of all ages in Drumul Taberei neighborhood.

Opposed to the initial state of the space – dark, twisted, without natural light – the result is 300 sqm of dynamic, versatile, light, easy-to-reconfigure space that allows hosting a wide range of activities. The design is based on strong, warm colors, vegetation and multi-functional furniture to accommodate as many uses as possible. The all-glass partition walls allow for transparency, clarity of the space layout and a fresh-energizing mood.


Client: Ceetrus

Date, location: 2018, Bucharest, RO

Surface: 317 mp

Type, program: Interior design, Community hub

Investment: €120.000

Status: built

Photo credits: Marius Vasile