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Ceetrus New Workspace

The three main directions of the design were chosen as: social behaviour as the binding element of a strong team, phisycal and mental comfort, the urban and cultural context as a factor of coherence and individuality of the designed space.

The layout of the floor speculates a slightly large area available for the team members’ number, thus offering a large social space comprising of a spacious and welcoming kitchen, a small cafeteria and a flexible co-working space open to all team members and collaborators, as the core of the layout and offering spectacular view over the North of the city. The 360-degree panorama is employed to great effect throughout all the working spaces and even along the perimetral corridor around the technical core of the building, through transparency and soft permeability along the facades, all the departments receive their private space, bespoke to their own needs and individuality, without separating from the rest of the team. All private meeting rooms are sized and scattered along the main circulation ring according to need and differenciate by way of their own atmosphere and features, from independent private phone-booths to the large council room.


Client: Ceetrus Romania

Beneficiary: 30 employees

Date, location: 2019-2020, Bucharest

Type: Interior design

Size: M / 980 mp


Status: Built

Team: Vlad Stoica, Tamina Lolev, Marius Vasile

Photography: Marius Vasile, Adrien Guitard