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Pop-up Exhibition Design Dark Matters  

In 2013, the purpose of Calup was to create unique “pop-up” cultural events in some of the most interesting buildings of Bucharest. 

We created an original and feasible concept for a cultural event in order to highlight the house’s potential. For 48 hours, a derelict monument in the center of Bucharest was reactivated by experimenting all three storeys: the contrast between dark and light emphasized the valuable elements of the building.

The event gathered more than 1100 people curious to visit the building otherwise inaccessible and enjoy some of the future permanent activities with potential for the house: party, ballroom and art gallery.

Thanks to this contribution, the house has been rented and it houses offices in the creative industry. 


Client:  Calup Association 

Date, location: 2013, Bucharest, RO

Surface: 400 mp

Type, program: architectural conversion & cultural event management

Investment: low-to-no budget

Status: BUILT

Team: Wolfhouse Productions + Ioana

Contributors: Ioana Ciurea, Lea Rasovszky, Adrian Preda, Claudiu Chihăescu, Adrian Popescu, Radu Burduj, BTS + Mario Orlando, Nicolas Papagheorghe, Maria Mihat, Les Ateliers Nomad