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Laser Valley Masterplan

Against the background of the Extreme Light Infrastructure — Nuclear Physics/ELI — NP Project, which aims to install the world’s most powerful laser in the town of Măgurele, Romania welcomes the chance of becoming a prominent international hub for the scientific community. Hence, with more than 1,000 Romanian and international researchers working and living in Măgurele, Laser Valley is destined to become an internationally renowned research and business centre.

The purpose of the competition was to conceptualise Laser Valley — Land of Lights vision for the year 2035: A dynamic and open research ecosystem, thriving within a prime built environment, that is both interesting and efficient. A place for living, for having fun, for learning, a centre for science, for research, and an innovation, business and mobility core. Our main concerns during the illustration of the vision were:  environment and climate change, infrastructure and connectivity, social and economic structure, research and development, governance and territorial connections.


Client: Municipality of Măgurele

Year, location: 2016, Măgurele, RO

Type, program:  International urban planning competition, Masterplan

Size: XXL 

Team: Wolfhouse Productions + urb. Cristina Zlota, stud. Daiana Luisa Ghintuială, stud. Mihnea Ioan Grădinaru, stud. Adelina Marina Radu, stud. Mihai Vlăduț, Prof. Arch. Gabriel Pascariu.