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Pop-up Exhibition Design Masaryk 25 • Parallel Worlds

The intervention on Masaryk 25 focused on imagining possible uses for the future of the old villa’s building,  built in the 20’s with residential function. Dancing evenings were organized here having guests such as Carol the 2nd. During the communist era, the house was the headquarters of the Romania Film Archive and soon after the hidden cinema during the censorship times.   
While the ground floor hosted a real Argentinian Tango Ball and a pop-up restaurant, the first floor illustrated an exhibition of three possible scenarios (1:1 scale): a boutique-hotel, a ballet school and an creative office. The public interacted with the imagined space.


Client: Calup Association

Date, location: 2013, Bucharest, RO

Type, program: exhibition

Status: BUILT

Workgroup:  Wolfhouse Productions + Tudor Arsintescu, Anca Cioarec, Lóránt Márk Mihat, Brîndușa Tudor, Rozina Dragomir, Unu la unu