We are a team of innovative and energetic young professionals, in the fields of architecture and urban planning. Our 7 years experience in complex projects with various budgets includes working with public institutions, communities and corporations, but also self-generated projects where we developped complementary skills such as: project management, branding, communication.

Although “challengers” by nature, our experience formed us as professionals – target oriented and determined -, but also as specialists: analytical and focused. We stand-out because of superior design and tailoring services to specific needs. We use design to solve new sets of problems where there is no similar service available on the market.


Tamina Lolev – chief architect
Iulian Canov – urban planner
Vlad Stoica – chief architect
Marius Vasile – junior architect

If you are interested in combining architecture with economic, social and environmental processes, we would like to hear from you. We gladly accept digital applications for internships: contact@wolfhouseproductions.ro


Urban Planning and Design

Architectural services: from concept to technical and execution project, we are able to succesfully deliver a premium project, based on the initial brief, on the budget and working together with client and/or beneficiary. Our services include specialties such as: MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) engineering and landscape design.

Project management

Interior design

Technical support and consultancy